privacy policy

Dear customer, Etmanan Medical Laboratories appreciates your trust in us and we affirm our complete care in preserving each individual’s privacy. Please review the terms of this agreement and the privacy policy to ensure your rights.

* All information available in our systems is protected information under an information confidentiality agreement.
* The privacy policy below explains the policy of Imdaan Laboratories to preserve the data of its customers and users of its website, as well as the policy of using and modifying the data that customers and users provide to us.
* The terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy from Tamanaan Laboratories apply to existing and new customers.

Data collection
* To register in the Etmanan Laboratories systems, the customer must provide us with some of his personal data, “name, ID number, date of birth, mobile number, and email,” in addition to other data for the purpose of confirming identity, “a copy of the personal ID, passport, or driver’s license.”
* After registering your data in our systems, it is forbidden to publish any personal data on the site unless you want to modify or add some information to your personal account, so that customer data is not stolen and so that you are not exposed to any fraud or scam.

Usage policy
* All data requested by Etmanan Medical Laboratories will only be used to record in our systems and for the purpose of medical analysis results and service development, as well as to communicate and follow up with customers and to confirm quality.
* Entaman Medical Laboratories uses customer data only for the purposes of technical support and service development, as well as sending new offers and services to each customer’s email.
* Customers of Etmanan Medical Laboratories have the right to communicate with us, and they also have the right to ask us not to contact them or send them any marketing messages.

Modify data
* Amending personal data is a right reserved for customers only, and we will not add or modify data for customer accounts except by an official and direct request from the customer directly.
* Please note that Entaman Medical Laboratories maintains the data of its old, current and new clients in order to prevent fraud or fraud, as well as to assist in any investigation or procedure stipulated by law.

Data confidentiality
*You can contact the Imtaman Medical Laboratories customer service team by mobile phone or via email to obtain any inquiries or information related to the privacy policy and information security.
* Etmanan Medical Laboratories takes all necessary measures to protect the privacy of its customers’ data, as we maintain all customer data via electronic files in accordance with the terms of the information confidentiality agreement to ensure that its privacy is maintained and that this information does not reach irresponsible parties.

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